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"Matt is always a brilliant stylist and does a perfect job on my hair! I'm terrible at explaining what I want but he manages to ace it every time! Thanks Matt! "

Cait Allan
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Absolutely love it, even better than I expected. Thank you so much Matt x"

Jasmine Thompson
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Thanks matt.. you made me all shiney and new again !!"

carol crowe
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Amazing work I’m so happy with the result worth the money and worth the wait I definitely recommend Paul Kemp "

Katie Butler
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"My second visit and both have been great, thanks for the advice/tips & see you soon. "

John Rigby
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Excellent hair colour and as always good conversation. "

Susan Oconnor
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Matt has done a great job on my hair again! Always look forward to my appointment and to trying something different."

Cathy Farmer
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Consultation went well Matthew made me feel important and listened to my ideas instead of telling me what he was going to do I’m confident he’ll do what is best for me and my hair, looking forward to my appointment next week. Oh by the way Matthew my ear fell off."

Jill Hammersley
Hair by: Matthew Lane

"Matt was fantastic,explaining everything,the process,price,super happy and helpfull."

Sandra Cotleanu
Hair by: Matthew Lane