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"Abbi created a whole new look with a change of colour. Thanks Abbi I love it. "

Paula Smith
Hair by: Abbi Green

"GOOD REVIEW - Ive been going to one hairdresser since I was a toddler. After booking my appointment and getting there on time at 12.30 like agreed. He then rang me and reschedule for 1 o'Clock insead. Then I going back to the salon at 1 like agreed. He then say he's to busy that day to cut my hair?ohh this was over the phone btw. He wasn't even in the salon , I then thought I will go to jakata salon instead after hearing good feedback from people. I walked in the salon still angry about the phone call I had with my hairdresser to be greated by two lovely girls. After going through prices I went with the tranee hairdresser Abbi . Abbie washed my hair great! Then we went through how much I wanted cut off. Abbi was really porfeshial .. * can't spell. She didnt cut to much off and she took her time. Afterwards she blow dried it and it looked really silky and soft. Then I said I would like a little bit more cute iff. Abbi then whipped out the zisers and cut the perfect amount off . Then if that wasn't enough, I then said " I haven't had my hair curly for a while" she then decided to curl the ends of my hair. At the end, I felt like I had mermaid hair! I tipped Abbi an did told her I will be having her cut my hair from now on and walked out feeling gorgeous! Thanks Abbi! ????"

Stella Langner
Hair by: Abbi Green

"Absolutely fab helped me with styling myself as well as its all new to me and booked again"

Jenny Roberts
Hair by: Abbi Green

"Fantastic service from Abbi. I love my hair. "

Jennie Armstrong
Hair by: Abbi Green

"Abbi is fabulous. Would recommend her doing anyone’s hair she’s professional lovely and brilliant at her job. Highly recommended "

Emma Charlton
Hair by: Abbi Green

"So pleased with my hair. Massive thank you to Abbie who was courteous and professional."

Victoria Smith
Hair by: Abbi Green

"Hands down best curly blow dry I’ve ever had! Thanks Abbi x"

Abbie Rudge
Hair by: Abbi Green

"Best haircut I’ve had since I can remember. I’m so pleased and love the colour and cut. Thanks Abbi"

Georgie Moore
Hair by: Abbi Green

"I’m really happy with my hair can't believe how lovely the colour is with have red hair and having blonde put in its came out great! thank you! "

Hayley Mitchell
Hair by: Abbi Green