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"Layla is the best of the best. She always makes me feel like a right babe when I leave the Salon. It amazes me how good she is with hair! It's like she's got magic hands! Bloody love the girl. You've hired a good'un there Jakata! "

Rose Brookes
Hair by: Layla Relf

"Perfection as always"

Katy Tracey
Hair by: Natalie Sharpe

"I loveee my hair, it’s exacty how I wanted it to be, the right length and the right colours so thankyou! :)"

Becky Kelly
Hair by: Natalie Doxey

"I absolutely love every time Layla does my hair! I am the most indecisive person ever and change how I want my hair all the time... but Layla just gets on with it and always gives good advice on how to maintain my hair after having it dyed. With all that, she is also the loveliest lady! Thank you!"

Shannon Fletcher
Hair by: Layla Relf

"Always a pleasure coming to jakata for my hair to be done extremely pleased with my new hair colour as always - Well done Lauren"

Carol Young
Hair by: Lauren Thompson

"Always love my hair when Layla does it! Xxx"

Michelle brooks
Hair by: Layla Relf

"It's brilliant! Been getting my hair cut here for years with good reason. It's fairly priced and Vikki has always been a stellar hair dresser for myself and no doubt countless others. And when she's not been available whether it be Adam, Laura or any of the team you know you're always going to be in the right hands. "

Mike glover
Hair by: Vikki Rowland

"GOOD REVIEW - Ive been going to one hairdresser since I was a toddler. After booking my appointment and getting there on time at 12.30 like agreed. He then rang me and reschedule for 1 o'Clock insead. Then I going back to the salon at 1 like agreed. He then say he's to busy that day to cut my hair?ohh this was over the phone btw. He wasn't even in the salon , I then thought I will go to jakata salon instead after hearing good feedback from people. I walked in the salon still angry about the phone call I had with my hairdresser to be greated by two lovely girls. After going through prices I went with the tranee hairdresser Abbi . Abbie washed my hair great! Then we went through how much I wanted cut off. Abbi was really porfeshial .. * can't spell. She didnt cut to much off and she took her time. Afterwards she blow dried it and it looked really silky and soft. Then I said I would like a little bit more cute iff. Abbi then whipped out the zisers and cut the perfect amount off . Then if that wasn't enough, I then said " I haven't had my hair curly for a while" she then decided to curl the ends of my hair. At the end, I felt like I had mermaid hair! I tipped Abbi an did told her I will be having her cut my hair from now on and walked out feeling gorgeous! Thanks Abbi! ????"

Stella Langner
Hair by: Abbi Green

"Very enjoyable considering it was a long sitting, 3 hours, Layla was very nice, easy to talk to and explained everything as she did it so I knew what was going on and kept asking me if I had any questions and if everything was okay up to now so I had ample opportunity to say whether I wanted to make any changes! Very happy with overall result and very happy with the price!"

Shannon Hartly
Hair by: Layla Relf