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Essential Looks

Essential Looks 2017

Every season Schwarzkopf launches their latest 'Essential Looks' collections. Three sets of looks that are inspired by the upcoming trends in Paris, Milan, New York and London.

We run an internal competition to coincide with the launch of the collections, to get our team members to interpret their favourite Essential Look.

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Published by Adam

Maisie and Parker

Maisie Returns after Maternity leave

After taking 9 months out for maternity leave, we're happy to announce the return of Maisie!

She'll be re-joining the team on a part time basis. Her initial hours are outlined below.

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Published by Adam

Jimmy at work

Photoshoot for Jimmy

Jimmy recently received an invitation to work alongside some of the UK's top session stylists to create a photographic collection for national trade magazines. The shoot would also be used for major exposure across the internet.

The brief was to create an interpretation of Schwarzkopf's latest 'Essential Looks' - a trend report magazine created from a collaboration of the catwalk shows from Milan, Paris, New York and London. This is broadcast over all of Europe and America.

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Published by Jimmy

New BlondeMe

New Bombshell for Blondes

The revamp of the iconic Schwarzkopf 'BlondMe' range has finally launched with some dramatic changes that are sure to make you stand out from the crowd!

Powered by a brand new advanced bonding system built into the colouring products, lightening and lifting hair has never been easier or less damaging.

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Published by Caleb

Instant Blushes

Touch of Pastel

We are very excited to stock Schwarzkopf ‘Instant Blushes’ spray in pastel colours.

They can be used to enhance your colour during your appointment or take a bottle home with you to maintain the look. Schwarzkopf Instant Blushes are perfect for a party weekend, music festivals or just trying out a new colour without the commitment.

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Published by Natalie

Laura cutting her model

Training Session with North West Hairdresser of the Year

A few weeks ago Gary Taylor, who was awarded the British North West Hairdresser of the year 2015, came into the salon to do a men's cutting course. We had our colleagues from Paul Kemp Hairdressing join us for the training session too.

I asked Jakata senior stylist Laura Hall to put together a news feature about the day…

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Published by Laura

Essential Looks Entries

Essential Looks Competition

A couple of weeks ago we had our 3rd in-salon ‘Essential Looks’ competition - stylists from the Jakata and PK teams paired up to create a look inspired by the latest Schwarzkopf collections. In the previous competitions the stylists carried out the looks on training heads. We thought we’d mix it up a bit this time and have members of the public as models for the teams!

After a morning session running through the looks with Steve Ward (Schwarzkopf educator) the stylists paired off into 5 teams and came up with a look taking influence from the latest collections - plus choosing something that would suit their models lifestyle.

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Published by Adam

Elite Symposium Elite Symposium

Schwarzkopf Professional Elite Symposium

Hairdressers always love the opportunity to meet up with like minded people to share ideas and see what’s happening in the industry as a whole. There are usually a few events each year put on by the major product suppliers (Tigi, Schwarzkopf GHD) geared at salons coming together to keep up to date with the latest movements in the hairdressing industry.

When we were told about the Schwarzkopf Professional Elite Symposium - a day of seminars, competitions, product launches, black tie(ish) meal and a night club - we knew we had to get as many of the team going for inspiration and education (plus we always love a good party session!). We ran an incentive in the salon and 10 of the guys from across both salons won tickets to join the 300+ hairdressers invited to the event.

Matt Lane was one of the stylists from JAKATA who attended and I asked him to write an article about his experience…

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Published by Matt

Bed Head Tweens

Bed Head Tweens are back

Its that time of year again when TIGI release 750ml shampoos and conditioners for you to have at home. We personally love this range, there is something for everyone.

TIGI Bed Head Urban Antidotes Re-Energize Shampoo and Conditioner strengthens and adds shine to your hair while sealing the cuticle and helping retain colour. An effective cleanser, it will condition and thicken your hair, making sure moisture balance levels are regulated. Get your hair looking its best with this hydrating, strengthening and shine enhancing shampoo.

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Published by Nat

Pantone Colors of the Year

Pantone & Colour Trends

Here at Jakata we like to keep up to date with the latest trends, and when it comes to colour we often look outside of the fashion and hair world for inspiration. A key player in the world of colour in design is ‘Pantone’ who have recently released their latest ‘Color of the Year’.

Pantone was founded in 1963 and is one of the first colour matching systems that most design company's whether it be graphic design, clothing, cosmetics, florists and printers use as a colour matching standard, plus look to for inspiration. They are the definitive authority on colour.

What better place to look for new trends!

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Published by Vikki

Natalie Senior Stylist

Natalie Promoted to Senior Stylist

We’re proud to announce that our stylist Natalie Doxey has been promoted to Senior Stylist level. Natalie has met the standards required to be given this sought after title.

She has been with the company for 8 years now working her way up from a 1st year apprentice all the way up to a senior stylist and has firmly embedded herself as key member of the team, playing an important part of our eduction team as well.

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Published by Jimmy

Colour Masters

Colour Masters

Last year was a big movement in our education department. Our focus was on putting our stylist through their paces. We have always had a strong focus on eduction and developing our team’s skill sets, but to further this we put all of our senior team members through a colour master class.

The Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Master Class represents a gold standard in colour education with an innovative delivery method. The learning units are dedicated to all aspects of colour, from the philosophy of colour, interpretation, selection and application. The focus of this course is not only on theory of colour but also a practical hands-on experience.

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Published by Jim

Smooth to Frizzy

What does winter do to your hair?

As we’re moving into winter and the weather is getting colder and damper, many of us notice significant changes in the condition and texture of our hair. Here at Jakata we have come up with some easy tips for you to follow to keep your hair looking bouncy and static free this Christmas.

When it’s cold outside we tend to pump our heating up to full blast. This dramatic change from cold to hot ensures our hair gets put through its paces! Cold air can cause the cuticle layer of the hair to lift, and going into a warm, dry interior environment then draws the moisture out of the hair, leaving it dry and frizzy. This also provides the perfect conditions for static, which we all know makes for unruly hair! Wind can also cause hair issues of its own. Exposure to strong winds can cause the hair to tangle. The wind blows the hairs against each other which roughens the cuticle causing the hairs to catch on one another.

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Published by Nat


Love colour but hate the damage?

Everyone loves to change their colour from time to time (or for some people every month!) As hairdressers we love the challenge of turning black hair blonde or blonde hair red, but with every colour change there is damage caused by the tint or bleach. A revolutionary new product by Schwarzkopf has just been launched and it is proven to reduce damage by 94%!

FibrePlex is Schwarzkopf’s first bond enforcing system to keep our silky, beautiful locks in amazing condition even with the most extreme colour changes. Thanks to the latest innovations in hair care we can all protect our hair from the damaging effect of tint and bleach.

At JAKATA we are now offering all of our colour clients this exclusive, in-salon, colour service booster as an add-on.

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Published by Natalie

The Winners

Stylists Battle it out in Essential Looks Competition

Every season Schwarzkopf launch their Essential Looks collections, a set of styles influenced by future hair/fashion trends. Every time the new collections are launched we have an in—salon workshop run by a Schwarzkopf educator to keep everyone up to date with the latest looks.

This time we thought we’d mix it up a bit and have an in-house competition. We teamed up with Paul Kemp Hairdressing and paired everyone off. Each pair of stylists had to create their own interpretation of a colour & cut from the latest Essential Looks collections on a training head.

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Published by Adam

Jimmy at fashion week

On hand at Fashion Week

Most hairstylists can only dream of being a part of national, high profile events, and for most the opportunity will never come.

Jakata stylist Jimmy Sharpe was lucky enough to get an invite to style hair at London Fashion Week for Jasper Garvida’s Ethologie. He was working alongside the Easton Regal hair team at creating a specific look on the models for the catwalk presentation.

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Published by PK

Igora Pearlescence

New Igora Pearlescence Colours

We’ve all noticed the growing trend for pastel tones over the last year and it looks like it’s here to stay, especially coming into spring and summer.

Mixing subtle tones of pink, powder blue or soft lilacs into bleached blonde hair is a great way to update your look.

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Published by Adam


Glad to have her back!

After 6 weeks out of the salon, we are happy to announce that senior stylist Maisie Thompson is back tomorrow!

Maisie had a minor operation at the end of January and had to take it easy for 6 weeks. It feels like she’s been gone for ages!

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Published by Adam

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year from the entire team here at Jakata. We hope you all had a great Christmas and saw the New Year in in style!

Things are slowly getting back to normal here in the salon after a hectic month! It won't be normal for long though as we'll soon all be heading off to a lodge in Llangollen for a week for our team party!

The salon will be closed from Tuesday 13th January and we re-open on Saturday 17th January. If you need to book an appointment during this time then calls will still be taken - the phone is being diverted to our sister salon Paul Kemp Hairdressing.

We all look forward to seeing you throughout 2015!

Published by Adam

Bed Head Tweens

Tweens are back!

Due to popular demand we are now fully stocked with all the Tigi Tweens. This special edition set of shampoo/conditioner combo's are only released twice a year, and once stock is gone they wont be back for six months!

Tween's take the most popular Tigi shampoo and conditioners and package them in jumbo sized, pump action bottles (like the ones we use here in the salon) and put them at an unbelievably cheap price. It works out at 3 times the amount compared to the normal sized bottle for just £7 extra! That's £70 worth of products for just £29.95!

Come and check out the full range in the salon - don't leave it too long because they're flying off the shelves!

Published by Adam

Matthew Lane & Laura Minett

2 New Jakata Team Members

Introducing Matthew Lane and Laura Minett. They both joined us at the beginning of the month.

Mathew is 26 and has been hairdressing for 2 years. He comes on board as a graduate stylist. He said he always wanted to be a hairdresser but always kept putting it off! After getting his own hair done at Jakata for the last few years he was in the right place at the right time to take on the role after completing his NVQ2 at Warrington Collegiate.

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Published by Adam

Summer Blonde 1

Ultimate Summer Blondes

With summer almost here we'll soon be inundated with requests for dark to lights or brighter lighter blondes. There's just something about summer that makes everyone want to go blonde!

Before you get excited about the thought of those bright blonde locks, put a little time into thinking about the best steps to take to achieve the perfect result.

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Published by Jimmy

Jimmy with the LEAP team

Jimmy Picked to join Schwarzkopf L.E.A.P team

The Jakata team is always striving to be at the top of our game. Regular competitions, both internal and external, plus photoshoots and training day's help each team member develop their skills to the highest level. These skills obviously have an impact on the level of work we produce day-to-day in the salon, ensuring everyone that comes in goes out with a modern, fashionable style.

Over the years we've picked up numerous awards including categories within the prestigious L'oreal Colour Trophy and Redken NYC Awards. We've also had team members chosen to join larger artistic teams.

A few years ago Jimmy Sharpe was picked to spend a year on the Schwarzkopf Young Artistic team. He had to go through a gruelling selection process to win the place. From the experience he learned a multitude of new skills, from new hair techniques to stage presentation skills. Jimmy has used his knowledge to train and inspire the whole Jakata team.

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Published by Adam

Hair Up Challenge

Jakata Hair Up Challenge

The Jakata team are always up for taking on a challenge so we've come up with a new internal competition to keep them on their toes!

With our Jakata Hair Up Challenge a different stylist will be nominated each time to come up with a hair up style that is given to them (initially by us, but hopefully we'll get Jakata Facebook/twitter followers to send in their ideas).

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Published by Adam


New Member of the Jakata Family

We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the Jakata family - Jaxson Welsby. Born on Monday 10th march at 19.50 and weighing in at 6 lb 2 1/2. Proud mum, Jakata stylist Vikki Rowland couldn't be happier.

The team (and her clients) are missing Vikki, but we're all chuffed that she can spend some valuable time with Jaxson over the next few months.

I'm sure she'll be dropping into the salon pretty frequently so you might get to meet him soon!

Published by Adam

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