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Active Skincare-Inspired Ingredients in Fibre Clinix

Introducing this latest range of products from Schwarzkopf now available in the salon! About 18 months ago Schwarzkopf launched their Fibre Clinix in-salon treatment which has been a massive success. On the back of the treatments popularity we now have a full range of products using the same technology that you can take away and use at home. Your hair will love this new range!

The new products deliver incredible results, especially when use in conjunction with the in-salon treatment. You can expect the following amazing benefits when you use them...

- Up to 10x stronger hair
- Complete sealing of hair porosity
- Restores inner & outer hair structure for up to 60 days

Each Fibre Clinix in-salon Booster and Fibre Clinix home care regime targets different hair needs, so there is a set of products to suit your hair type, and all the products can be mixed & matched.

Fibre Clinix Vibrancy

Developed with AHA to protect hair colour, Fibre Clinix Vibrancy gives colour vibrancy and long-lasting colour freshness. AHA – Alpha Hydroxy Acids is a combination of lactic acid and citric acid. In skincare AHA is known for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, improving skin tone and texture, unblocking and cleansing pores while improving the condition of the skin.

Fibre Clinix Fortify

Developed with Niacinamide, Fibre Clinix Fortify strengthens the hair from the inside out. Niacinamide is also known as Vitamin B3. It is a powerful antioxidant, used to neutralise the damaging free radicals created by the environment and to reduce signs of ageing. In skincare Niacinamide is known to protect the skin from heat and all its unwanted side effects.

Fibre Clinix Hydrate

Developed with Squalane Complex, Fibre Clinix Hydrate helps to moisturise the hair. Squalane is an unsaturated hydrocarbon, a clear, colourless liquid. In skincare it is known to be very hydrating and easily absorbed by the skin.

Fibre Clinix Volumize

Developed with Phytokine, Fibre Clinix Volumize provides a lasting anti-static effect, control and stability to the hair. Phytokine is a soybean extract, modified by biotechnology. In skincare Phytokine is known for correcting skin elasticity and restoring the in-depth water reservoir of the skin.

Fibre Clinix Tame

Developed with Ceramide, Fibre Clinix Tame smoothes the hair's surface and provides an anti-frizz effect. Ceramide is a type of lipid which is a natural component of the hair. In skincare Ceramides have been used to improve skin conditions and restore a healthy skin barrier.


We’d love for you to experience the amazing results of Fibre Clinix so we’ve launched this great offer:

Have a Fibre Clinix in-salon treatment
prescribed to match your hair needs
Redeem the full treatment cost off any of our our take home Fibre Clinix products!

Ask your stylist for details

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Published by Adam