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Major Revamp for old Jakata premises

It's been eighteen months since we located to our current Rylands Street premises from Bridge street. It was a big move but it's been an awesome time in the new salon with all of our stylists benefiting from the new upgraded Jakata! What happened to the old Bridge Street premises though?

Adam (salon owner) was reluctant to let the site go as he'd built the Jakata brand from scratch there. He decided to keep hold of it and give the building a new lease of life!

After 18 months of peeling off old plaster, knocking down walls and ripping out staircases the premises has had a major facelift! Jimmy has been project managing the whole rennovation whilst still running the 2 salons!

The hard work has paid off though -
for anyone who's been to the original site it's practically unrecognisable!

So whats the plan?

The newly refurbished Bridge Street premises is opening as a brand new company called Base Hairdressing. It's going to be a hub for talented freelance hairdressers and a training academy for the next generation of super skilled stylists! That's the plan anyway!

In the meantime, to get things rolling, both Adam & Jimmy are going to relocate along with Lauren from Jakata and Abi from Paul Kemp Hairdressing, plus we'll be recruiting more apprentices and opening 4 spaces up for chair renting.

If Base sounds like somewhere you'd like to train then don't hesitate to get in touch!

If you're a freelance stylist/chair renter/mobile hairdresser and you like the look of Base then register your interest here: www.basehairdressing.com

For any existing clients of Adam, Jimmy, Lauren and Abi - as of Tuesday 23rd July - don't forget to go to Base Hairdressing!!

See you there!

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